# 3d Lottery

The 3d lottery is suitable for persons to draw prizes. After configuring the prizes in the background, click on the big screen to start the lottery, and click stop to generate the result.

# 1. Small video

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# 2. The main picture

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# 3. Function introduction

Randomly select a number of users from the designated user group on the big screen.

  • The lottery is divided into 2 types: Configuration lottery and Instant lottery
    • Configuration lottery: The first, second, and third prizes are pre-configured in the background, and the draw will be carried out at that time, with rich content available
    • Instant lottery: Immediately draw several users, with simplified functions and quick response
  • The lottery form adopts the stereoscopic 3d method, and the result shows the user's avatar and name, and the ribbon style can be matched
  • Single-round lottery support repeat winning setting and specifying user group lottery, such as mark users, sign-in users, etc.
  • Configure the lottery to support default users to win the prize, and the prize name and picture can be matched
  • The designated user group lottery supports rolling expansion, that is, when the actual number of winners is small, in order to highlight the effect, select a part from all users for rolling
  • Blocked users will not participate in the lottery unless they are selected by default

# 4. How to use

  • Enter the Sweepstakes function page on the big screen
  • Keyboard arrow keys to select the prize of the lottery, keyboard N key to insert instant lottery
  • Keyboard space bar to control the start and stop of the lottery

# 5. Shortcut keys

On a large screen page, hover the mouse over the operation button to display the operation shortcut keys.

# Function item

Shortcut Function
Space Start or Stop the draw
Arrow keys or Next round
Arrow keys or Last round draw
N New Round Instant Draw
N+- Reduce the number of winners
N++ Increase the number of winners
D Barrage switch

# public

  • number
    Shortcut Function
    0 Back to event Home
    1-9 Enter the corresponding function item
  • letter
    Shortcut Function
    M Open or close the right menu
    Z Enter Background Management
    B Go to User Manual
    R Turn on or off QR code
    F Turn on or off fullscreen display
    L Switch Chinese to English
    S Turn background music on or off

# 6. Frequently Asked Questions

  • After the third prize is drawn, someone does not come, what should I do if I need to draw again?

At this time, press the N key on the keyboard to insert the instant draw, and you can make up the draw as needed.

  • There is a prize, I want to draw among the 10 designated people, but I don't want to be seen, what should I do?

Group or mark the 10 people, the user group of the award can select this group or mark the user, and enable the rolling expansion function at the same time.

  • The name and avatar of the lucky draw user, can we provide it

Yes, you can name the user's photo (square) with the display name and send it to our customer service. The service fee is 30 yuan/100 people

# 7. Screenshot of the page

# 1. Big screen

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# 2. Mobile terminal

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# 3. Console

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