# Electronic album

The electronic photo album is used to display pictures, and supports floating barrage and super screen.

# 1. Small video

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# 2. The main picture

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# 3. Function introduction

Dynamic display of picture effects on the big screen.

  • Rich and diverse picture animation effects
  • Easy and simple background configuration, you can upload the pictures you need to display in batches
  • Support floating barrage and super screen on the big screen
  • You can also view the electronic album on the mobile phone

# 4. How to use

  • Background batch upload pictures
  • Enter the Electronic Album function page on the big screen

# 5. Shortcut keys

On a large screen page, hover the mouse over the operation button to display the operation shortcut keys.

# Function item

Shortcut Function
D Barrage switch
P Painting switch

# public

  • number
    Shortcut Function
    0 Back to event Home
    1-9 Enter the corresponding function item
  • letter
    Shortcut Function
    M Open or close the right menu
    Z Enter Background Management
    B Go to User Manual
    R Turn on or off QR code
    F Turn on or off fullscreen display
    L Switch Chinese to English
    S Turn background music on or off

# 6. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can only upload up to 10 pictures?

Free activities support 10 pictures, paid activities support 100 pictures, if you have other needs, please contact customer service

# 7. Screenshot of the page

# 1. Big screen

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# 2. Mobile terminal

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# 3. Console

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