# Turntable lottery

The carousel lottery is mainly used for audience users clicking the lottery by themselves, and it is suitable for live or online operation activities. Turntable prizes, etc. can be easily configured, and WeChat red envelopes can be sent and directly credited to the account.

# 1. Small video

# 2. The main picture

# 3. Function introduction

Users click on the lottery, and the big screen displays the winning users in real time.

  • Turntable** prizes and styles** can be easily configured in the background
  • You can directly configure the WeChat red envelope, the user wins the prize directly to the account
  • 20 prize configurations can be supported on the carousel
  • The lottery window time, the number of lottery draws can be matched by users
  • Prizes number, probability, repeated winning can be configured
  • Prizes support default user winning
  • Prizes can be checked with the winning user in the background, and export is supported

# 4. How to use

  • Backstage configuration good awards
  • Enter the Rotary lottery function page on the big screen
  • The user scans the code, clicks the Start lottery button, and the lottery result is displayed

# 5. Red envelope restrictions

  • The minimum amount of a single red envelope is 1 yuan, the maximum amount is 200 yuan
  • A user can receive a maximum of 10 red packets per day
  • The total amount of red envelopes received by a user per day does not exceed 1000

# 6. Shortcut keys

On a large screen page, hover the mouse over the operation button to display the operation shortcut keys.

# Function item

Shortcut Function
Arrow keys or Next Prize winning record
Arrow keys or Previous Prize winning record
Space Refresh the current prize winning record
N Real-time Winning record
D Barrage switch

# public

  • number
    Shortcut Function
    0 Back to event Home
    1-9 Enter the corresponding function item
  • letter
    Shortcut Function
    M Open or close the right menu
    Z Enter Background Management
    B Go to User Manual
    R Turn on or off QR code
    F Turn on or off fullscreen display
    L Switch Chinese to English
    S Turn background music on or off
    O Whether to display Online people

# 7. Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it mean when it prompts lack of non-winning position when configuring awards in the background?

No winning position is the position that the pointer of the turntable points to when the user fails to win the lottery; Without this no-win pit, when the user does not win, the pointer will return to the initial position, and the experience is not good; you can add one or more such no-win positions in the background.

  • How to set the probability coefficient?

The bigger the setting, the more difficult the prize is to win. After setting, the background will prompt you about how many times you can draw it.

  • The event is over and the red envelopes have not been distributed, what should I do?

You can return the remaining amount to the WeChat red envelope in the background of the event, and then withdraw.

  • What if the user does not receive the red envelope and the red envelope expires after 24 hours?

For expired red envelopes, the platform will refund the amount to your WeChat red envelope after 48 hours, and then you can use or withdraw.

  • There are not many participants, can you increase the probability of winning the lottery?

Yes, you can lower the probability coefficient of the prize in the background.

# 8. The probability of winning

Parameter definition:

  • Number of prizes on the reel (sectors): N
  • Number of prizes: C
  • The probability coefficient of the prize: R
  • The number of winnings of the user (not not winning): n

Probability formula:

  • For a single draw, the probability of winning a prize is: 1 / (N * R * (1 + n))
  • How many times does a prize need to be drawn: N * R * C
  • All prizes, how many times it takes to be drawn: Depends on the prize with the most draws

for example

// There are 6 prizes on the reel, i.e. N = 6
//The number of prizes A is 3, that is, C = 3
//The probability coefficient of prize A is 10, that is, R = 10
The probability of a user winning prize A in a single draw <= 1 / (6 * 10 * 1) //1.667%
How many times does Prize A need to be drawn >= 6 * 10 * 3 //180 times

# 9. Page screenshots

# 1. Big screen

# 2. Mobile terminal

# 3. Console